On my easel: a magazine ad

I can hardly believe I’m going to show you this. But I’m keeping it real. I’m not a really neat person. ESPECIALLY when it comes to working on my art. I’m a mess. Stuff goes everywhere.

Now you can see that all of my tools aren’t so neatly laid out when I’m actually drawing. I have a couple extras of each and somehow they all end up getting pulled out when I’m working on a drawing.

This is a practice sketch I started working on this week. Mostly just because I saw this ad in a magazine and knew it would make the perfect reference.

The eyes are beautifully detailed and I just love drawing them. And I wanted to try out a different brand of paper and pencil. I had planned to practice a quick 2 hour sketch with the idea that I may offer a smaller scale, lower priced sketch as a product in the future.

But instead I spent 2 hours on that one eye. I couldn’t resist the details in this one.
I’m a bit detail-obsessive.

This is what I call the “awkward stage”.

Every drawing has it. In the beginning when you’re just sure it isn’t going to turn out to be any good. When you want to just scrap it and start over. When you just have to be patient and keep pushing on. It’s the place where many drawings get stalled.

And that’s where I am now.

Time to start on that other eye so she doesn’t look so… awkward.

What I’m working on…